Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Wyoming

We are the only medical practice located in Jackson Wyoming specializing in Anti-Aging (advanced preventive medicine) and non-surgical cosmetic medicine. Rathna Raju, M.D. and staff offer a wide array of medical services and procedures geared to help you achieve total health. All of our treatments are individualized to meet your specific goals.

“We do not lose hormones as we age” but rather “we age because we lose our hormones.”

Bioidentical hormones are plant-derived hormones that are biochemically similar to those produced by the body. These custom-compounded hormonal formulations are tailored to a woman’s or man’s individual hormone needs, after existing levels are determined.

Conventional medicine mainly treats thyroid deficiency and estrogen in menopause. The new paradigm in modern medicine is to replace what is missing. Many hormone levels begin to drop as early as our thirties. The decline in mental clarity or failing memory, unexplained weight gain, fatigue or loss of energy, loss of sex drive, depression or anxiety, excessive dry skin or brittle nails, trouble sleeping are all caused by the drop in many hormone levels. This can be treated! We do not need to accept this as a process of aging.

 Your customized program includes:

  • Medical history assessment
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Focused physical examination
  • Clinical recommendations and education regarding hormone balance and replacement therapy. Recommendation will be made on the following hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, growth hormone, pregnenolone, and/or melatonin.
  • Hormone replacement manual

As men age, the male hormones decline. This is referred to as “andropause”. This is a collection of symptoms associated with the decline in testicular function in men. In contrast to the rapid decline in ovarian function in women at menopause, at andropause men experience a gradual decline in testicular function and testosterone production. Stress, illness, medications, obesity, malnutrition and psychiatric conditions tend to reduce testosterone productions even further. However, decreased plasma testosterone levels are also found in healthy individuals.

The reduced testosterone production in men results in diminished muscular strength, energy and libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, and osteoporosis and related fractures. To manage these conditions of aging, testosterone is the answer. Men and women can benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as part of a comprehensive and natural anti-aging program. Dr. Raju’s multi-faceted approach gives a renewed quality of life for all patients.